The KBS TGI Plays Like Steel

The KBS TGI Plays Like Steel

KBS Golf Shafts are changing the way their irons play and perform by introducing the KBS TOUR® Graphite Iron (TGI).

The KBS TGI is the first graphite shaft to play like KBS Steel with optimized weight and stiffness to gain maximum playability & performance. It is designed with the same E.I. curve as the KBS Tour Steel and is in every weight class to fit every player from juniors to Tour professionals.

The KBS THI utilizes the same system of shaft weight and flex integration as the revolutionary KBS TOUR® series. When shaft weight increases, flex stiffens in a corresponding manner.

Progressive weight and flex serves two major purposes. First, it guarantees players are fit with a shaft weight and flex that are based on swing speed. Second, it ensures each set of KBS shafts is precisely matched in flex and weight for more consistent performance. Slower speeds have a tendency to fit into lighter weight shafts, while faster swing speeds will move into heavier weight options.

“With the Revolutionary KBS Tour Graphite Iron, we have finally introduced a Tour Caliber Graphite Iron shaft that plays like a KBS Tour Steel Shaft in all aspects of Consistency, Distance, and Control,” said Kim Braly, R&D and Tour operations director of the company.

Features include:

  • 5% lower trajectory
  • 5% less spin
  • 5% more distance
  • Available in 4 flexes from 50g › 80g

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