Titleist Adds Two New Options To The TS Driver Family

Titleist introduced two new specialized drivers to their TS line, each geared to a specific player profile. “TS drivers have exceeded all our expectations both on Tour and with golfers around the world,” said Josh Talge, Titleist Vice President of Marketing. “When it comes to driver performance, TS has shown that it’s no longer a one- or two-horse race.”

The TS4 driver challenges the premise that a driver designed for extreme spin reduction can’t produce a higher level of ball speed. It’s engineered to be a high-speed, extremely low-spin club. TS4 merges technologies developed through the Titleist Speed Project with a low, forward CG that neutralizes spin to produce a longer, more piercing ball flight.


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Innovations used to drive ball speed in TS2 and TS3 drivers have been optimized for TS4’s 430cc speed chassis, designed to aggressively reduce spin and maximize distance for high-spin players. A super thin cast titanium crown (20% thinner than 917 drivers) allows weight to be redistributed low and forward for reduced spin. A thinner face featuring variable face thickness reduces weight, delivering faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness.

The streamlined classic pear shape aerodynamic design reduces drag, allowing golfers to swing faster for increased clubhead speed and more distance. According to the company, the low and forward CG position (5mm forward vs. TS2) helps deliver low spin for a more piercing ball flight, which is also straighter and more consistent. This driver produces about 300 RPM less spin than TS3.

Titleist believes that most golfers will find their best fit in a TS2 or TS3 driver, but there is a percentage of players with distinct performance needs, including aggressive spin reduction. Talge added, “TS4 is the ultra-low-spin driver that still produces exceptional ball speed. If you want to hit it longer but are having trouble controlling spin off the tee, TS4 was made for you.” There’s always going to be some trade-off for golfers needing more profound spin reduction, but according to Talge, “For those golfers who create too much spin because of the way they deliver the club head, we know through our player testing that TS4 can give them greater distance consistency versus what they would see in a higher-MOI product.”

The ultra-lightweight TS1 driver is a great way for players with moderate swing speeds to experience the joy of effortless distance. It offers technologies developed through the Titleist Speed Project in an incredibly light 275-gram design, 45 grams lighter than the TS2 model, with an 8-gram lighter head weight geared to generate faster clubhead speeds. The weighting of TS1 has been strategically trimmed to maximize launch and distance at moderate swing speeds while maintaining a high MOI for stability and forgiveness. With a 460cc head, it also features a slight draw bias. The thin cast titanium crown allows weight to be redistributed for optimal performance at moderate swing speeds.

TS1 is designed for golfers who have a driver swing speed of approximately 85 mph and below and average about 220 yards or less off the tee. “There are so many golfers that can benefit from the performance of TS1,” said Talge. “For seniors, women, juniors – really anyone who is the moderate swing speed player—TS1 is an absolute powerhouse. You can swing as smooth and easy as you want, and the ball just takes off. The distance just feels effortless.”

Both models incorporate Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel, featuring 16 independent loft and lie settings, which allows for additional ball flight optimization through a precision fitting at premium fitters like Club Champion. Every TS driver face undergoes a 100% CT inspection to ensure speed performance is at the maximum allowable limit. Titleist TS4 drivers are available in 8.5, 9.5 (RH & LH) and 10.5-degree lofts. T1 drivers are available in 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5-degree lofts.


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