Titleist Vokey Slate Blue Wedge Combines Beauty and Durability

Titleist Vokey Slate Blue Wedge Combines Beauty and Durability

Titleist has added a luxe Slate Blue finish to its Vokey SM7 line of wedges. Available at Club Champion now, the Vokey SM7 Slate Blue wedge has the durability of a traditional chrome wedge but with a deep, rich, slate blue color. It is applied like a PVD finish, using unique material and a more time-intensive process, thus creating a wedge that is stunning and enduring.

For years, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey has stressed the importance of players having confidence in their wedge at address. He believes that a player has to love their wedge when they look down at it, and its finish plays a key role.

Vokey says, “Very often wedge finishes can be beautiful, but they won’t last. At the same time, the most durable finishes often aren’t stunning. Slate Blue combines the two. Not only will golfers love their wedge when they see it in the shop, but the finish will last through the course of normal play.”

Consistent with all Vokey SM7 finishes, Slate Blue is available in all 23 lofts, bounce and grind options (both RH and LH), while supplies last. The variety of possibilities exemplifies the Vokey Design commitment to fitting. According to Titleist, finding the proper loft gapping, bounce and grind are critical to executing all of the necessary wedge shots. Vokey stresses that golfers should be custom fit for their wedges.

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