Vega Brings Samurai Craftsmanship to Mizar Irons

Vega Brings Samurai Craftsmanship to Mizar Irons

Approximately 100 years ago, the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. Kobe is famous for metal work, especially the forging of Samurai swords, a highly skilled traditional craft. These sword making skills have been passed down through families for generations. It wasn’t long before one of the families realized that these same forging techniques could be readily adapted to create another precision instrument - a golf club. And Vega was born.

The company has since worked tirelessly in pursuit of crafting the perfect golf club. It’s likely they were the first to produce forged cavity back irons. Vega is proud of their talented craftsmen who start with raw material and go on to create fully finished works of art.

Japan is arguably the most technically advanced country in the world, yet it retains its traditional values. These two extremes are reflected in the Vega philosophy, a fusion of old and new. It still relies on traditional Samurai craftsmanship but also employs the most advanced and innovative finishing techniques in the world.

In the forging process, S25C mild steel iron billets are cut into sections, then heated to 1200*C. The molten billet is then struck with a forging hammer several times at a preset force to create the approximate shape of the head, which is then struck again to refine the shape both front and back. The head is struck a final time to ensure that the face is perfectly flat. The excess metal is then trimmed, and grooves and model numbers are pressed into the face. The hosel is drilled out of the head, as opposed to welding. According to the company, it produces a stronger and more uniform feel. Craftsmen then hand grind and polish the heads to the ideal shape and weight. Each head is given a final polishing then passed through the chrome plating process. With multiple finishes available, the heads are masked, and the faces sand blasted. Final inspections are performed by specialized craftsman who check loft, lie and weight, and suss out any imperfections. Only the perfect heads are allowed to pass through this stage. Finally, paint is added to the model numbers.

Mizar Plus is a forged one piece main body iron made from soft S25C carbon steel, coupled with a strong 2.6mm maraging face insert. The Mizar iron is a similar construction but with a constant 3.5mm thick carpenters maraging face. It’s available in 4-A-wedge, right-hand only.

Mizar is designed for low to mid handicap players. Its progressive offset tungsten weight helps square the club at impact. Its single thickness maraging face is geared to produce added distance and deliver a forgiving, yet still solid feel. The constant thickness insert allows for ultimate forgiveness no matter where you hit the ball on the face. The thin maraging face helps deliver exceptional power and distance.

Mizar Plus is aimed at mid to high handicap players wanting more forgiveness as well as additional distance through low CG with progressive weight bars throughout the set. These clubs are ideal for players needing help launching the ball high with low spin.


Vega Brings Samurai Craftsmanship to Mizar Irons


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