Aerotech Black Label: Tighter Tolerances for Discerning Golfers 

The limited edition SteelFiber Black Label graphite iron shafts deliver extreme precision with a bold, new look. SteelFiber Black Label shafts feature the Tour-winning SteelFiber design and are engineered to extreme weight tolerances for ultimate performance. These shafts are manufactured to tighter weight tolerances specifically for clubmakers and golfers who appreciate extreme precision and the highest quality fully assembled clubs. The original SteelFiber shafts were sorted + or - 3 grams; the Black Label is sorted + or - 1½ grams. This allows the finished club to have a more consistent balance point and makes it easier for the builder to get the swing weight correct.
They include all the performance features of the original SteelFiber shaft, utilizing heavy density materials which thin out the wall and produce a better feel. A hoop orientation prevents them from deforming during the swing and at impact. Because of the extra density, it’s a perimeter weighted shaft, therefore at impact it transfers more energy to the ball and performs better on off-center contact.
“We’re very excited to present the limited edition SteelFiber Black Label," says Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "Like all SteelFiber shafts, the Black Label reduces the risk of injury, lessens aggravation of existing injuries and decreases player fatigue, all while delivering greater distance and accuracy.”
SteelFiber shafts provide superior performance through innovative composite engineering that combines a high-modulus graphite core with 59 miles of steel fiber lacing the shaft surface. The shaft’s graphite core provides vibration dampening, which helps produce increased clubhead speed for maximum distance. The steel fibers produce optimum weighting for a solid feel at impact in addition to increasing stability and control for pinpoint accuracy.
According to Hilleary, with the SteelFiber shafts, Aerotech aimed to develop a composite shaft that good players could play and embrace. He knew he needed to create heavier weighted shafts with same feel as the steel shafts better players were used to. He felt that lighter weight graphite shafts were just too alien to those players.
These shafts were originally designed for Tour caliber players. According to Hilleary, SteelFiber shafts have 93 Tour wins - that’s significantly more than any other graphite shaft. Recently, the company has dramatically expanded the into lighter weight and softer versions of the shaft. You still have the stability of steel while reaping the performance benefits of lighter weight graphite.
The other major difference is its cosmetic finish. Instead of the clear glossy coat of the original model, the Black Label features a matte finish with glossy graphics applied afterwards. It’s a techie look that takes longer and is more expensive to produce. That, in combination with the more time-consuming sorting process, prices the Black Label about 50 percent higher than the original SteelFiber.
SteelFiber Black Label shafts are currently available only in Aerotech’s four most popular weights —i70 (R-flex), i80 (R), i95 (R and S) and i110 (S). The SteelFiber Black Label is a special edition and supplies are extremely limited.


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