Rogue Fairway Wood - Speed and Distance Enhancing Technology

Rogue Fairway Wood - Speed and Distance Enhancing Technology

Callaway R&D has successfully installed Callaway’s groundbreaking Jailbreak Technology in a fairway wood for the first time. Two steel Jailbreak bars stiffen the body, placing more impact load on the face to promote increased ball speed and distance. In Rogue fairway woods, ISW positions the CG low and forward to promote a distance-enhancing combination of high-launch and low-spin.

The Rogue Fairway Wood is the first fairway wood with Callaway’s Jailbreak ball-speed-enhancing technology. Making that happen is a significant achievement in metalwood engineering, according to Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of R&D. “We faced two big challenges in putting Jailbreak Technology to work in a fairway wood, starting with the club head’s smaller size and shallower height,” said Hocknell. Determining the size, weight, geometry, and positioning of the bars took significant time and testing. 

The second challenge for Callaway was figuring out how to make Jailbreak and Callaway’s renowned Face Cup technology complement each other. Face Cup expands the area of the clubface that delivers fast ball speed, helping golfers maintain good distance results on off-center hits. It played a key role in making Callaway the game’s most popular fairway wood during the past two years.*

In Rogue fairway woods, the ultra-thin, 455 Carpenter steel clubface is cast separately for precise, cup-like architecture, especially the rim around the face’s perimeter. The shaping and varying thicknesses of the rim are critical to its ability to flex and rebound at impact, which promotes fast ball speed, especially on off-center hits.

Another challenge was determining how to make Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave technologies co-exist with Jailbreak. ISW incorporates a precisely shaped steel bar that’s meticiously positioned low and forward in the head in order to establish an optimal CG location. Achieving the proper position in Rogue fairway woods required that the ISW bar be attached to the Jailbreak bars, yet determining how to securely bring them together was the big question. The answer was to cast the body, Jailbreak bars and Internal Standing Wave weight all as a single piece of high-grade steel.

“That requires a sophisticated combination of design, engineering and production expertise,” said Hocknell. “Succeeding allows Jailbreak to fulfill its intended function of stabilizing the sole and ultra-thin and light triaxial carbon composite crown at impact, allowing the face to take on greater impact-load to promote faster ball speed, just as it does in our drivers. In fact, the technological synergy between Jailbreak, Face Cup and Internal Standing Wave technologies is what makes Rogue fairways an engineering marvel, and an absolute powerhouse. The combination of ball speed, high launch and low-spin it promotes is truly exceptional.”

Rogue fairway woods are available in 3+ (13.5°), 3 (15°), 4 (17°), 5 (19°), Heaven Wood (20°), 7 (21°), 9 (23°), 11 (25°).

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*#1 Fairway Wood claim based on Golf Datatech reports confirming Callaway as the best-selling fairway wood brand in the U.S. throughout 2017.