Club Champion - Hall of Fame MVP
Hall of Fame MVP:
5+ Strokes Shaved After Fitting

Club Champion Customer Gets Hole-in-One After His Fit

"A hole-in-one success story is not only a golf pun for how satisfied I am with my clubs, but it also refers to my actual hole-in-one that I sank this summer with my new clubs from Club Champion.

I had the pleasure of working with master fitter Hiroshi Okada at the Club Champion Long Island location in Syosset, NY this past spring. 

Hiroshi was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient with me during my fitting. Not that the equipment is the sole reason, but my handicap index dropped from 8.1 to 2.3 this summer and I had my second hole-in-one (Friars Head Golf Club, hole 12, with my 4 degree PXG hybrid that Hiroshi fit for me).

I would recommend Hiroshi to anyone looking to optimize their game. He is passionate about his work and it shows when you spend time with him."

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