Club Champion - Club Champion’s Build Tolerances Are Unmatched

By Burzawa & Pfaff

Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Irons Machine

The odds of getting your clubs built exactly to your specifications decrease considerably when they are built on an assembly line or in the “custom shop” of an OEM club manufacturer. 

This is where Club Champion steps in. Club Champion’s build tolerances are unmatched by any other club builder or manufacturer. We guarantee that the results you had in the hitting bay during your fitting, are the results that are seen on the course. How does Club Champion ensure your results?

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It all starts with making sure the loft, lie and swing weight machines across all Club Champion locations are calibrated before each fitting to match the build shop machines at the corporate headquarters in Willowbrook, Illinois. To make certain the machines at all fitting studios match our build shop, a calibration club is used. This club was built in the build shop at headquarters and it is used before and after each fitting, at each location, to ensure that every machine is calibrated the same. When your fitter bends your loft and lie in the hitting bay or adjusts the swing weight of your demo club, we can guarantee that the specs found during your fitting are going to be the same specs when your clubs are built. For added precision, each Club Champion uses Mitchell Golf TourGauge Digital Irons Machines. The machines utilize a patented precision slide-bearing gauge assembly that tracks on a precision ground slide rail for measuring both right- and left-hand irons. Loft and lie measurements are recorded in a quarter of degree increments in the LED digital display. Club Champion's tolerances are plus or minus a quarter of a degree, which is tighter than most everyone in the golf industry.

When Club Champion fitters conduct a fitting, they look at head and shaft weight to find the ideal swing weight for each golfer. To ensure the swing weight hit in the bay matches your actual clubs, we use the same calibration club to make certain that the scale is within a half of a swing weight tolerance. The digital scales measure to the tenth of a swing weight point, certifying a perfectly fit club.

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With more than 35,000 custom hittable club head and shaft options, Club Champion will find the perfect clubs and grips for you. Experience the Club Champion difference! Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online.