Epic Upgrades: Check Out The New Epic Flash Triple Diamond Driver

Epic Upgrades: Check Out The New Epic Flash Triple Diamond Driver

If your driver is more than three years old, you will almost certainly get more distance and find more fairways with a new model, like Callaway’s Epic Flash Triple Diamond. It was designed with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its flash face aims to help golfers achieve more ball speed for greater distance. Callaway engineers bought a $5 million computer to help them design the inside of the clubface, feeding the machine information on exactly what they wanted with respect to ball flight.
Callaway says that the software came up with unique mapping on the inside of the clubface that consists of dozens of seemingly random and subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe. The computer discerned this was the best use of face wall thickness in order to optimize ball flight. The size, height and configuration of the ridges work in concert to deliver a significant ball speed boost and a noticeable distance increase from solid contact.

Callaway’s Senior equipment Director Dave Neville states, “The Triple Diamond is a unique version of the Epic Flash Sub Zero. It is really for the better player looking for a deeper faced driver with a slightly higher CG location for a more fade biased shot shape.”

The features of the original Epic Flash are incorporated in this version. The face is forged from a special titanium and heat-treated. The driver also incorporates proprietary Jailbreak technology behind the face. Vertical bars stiffen and stabilize the lightweight triaxial carbon crown with the sole, placing more impact load on the face to promote faster ball speed. The driver also has adjustable perimeter weighting, with a 12 gram sliding weight to fine-tune your ball flight.

The 450cc progressive head shape combines a higher toe, more face progression and a straighter top line. This new shape helps align the face to the target line to help promote a neutral to fade shot shape. Callaway has drawn on feedback from countless hours of testing with their Tour professionals and used that data to optimize the CG position for a higher level of control. The CG is precisely positioned for preferred spin characteristics, while also maintaining high MOI properties for forgiveness on off-center hits.

“Callaway has very demanding customers on the PGA Tour, because that’s how they make their living. The Triple Diamond meets a demand for golfers who prefer lower spin and want to eliminate the left side of the course,” says Club Champion founder Nick Sherburne. “For that golfer, this limited release will meet that demand at the highest level. It’s not for everyone, just a few. But it is the most anti-left driver on the market.”

The Triple Diamond driver is a limited edition offering and Club Champion is one of the very few retailers selected to sell it to the public. The driver is only available by special order. Get it in the bag along with other upgraded clubs today - call us at 888-340-7820 or Click Here to Book A Fitting.