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Club Champion golf club fitting Epon Irons

Golf Club Fitting EPON AP-705
(A $350 VALUE)

Epon Free Wedge

In 1977, EPON Golf was born, showcasing the manufacturing expertise of ENDO, one of the world’s premier forging houses. ENDO is responsible for the production of many of golf’s leading OEM brands. The EPON launch made it possible for custom club makers to fit golfers with some of the finest forged products in the world.

EPON forged golf clubs take advantage of ENDO's fully integrated in-house production systems from product concept all the way through to finishing. The use of 3-D tooling allows the EPON forged clubs to be produced using a 1-piece part that requires less machining for greater feel and consistency.

The complex shapes of iron heads can be formed precisely by forging, combining many of Endo's technical specialties in a single process. This one-piece forging process has been perfected through decades of manufacturing the highest quality products for the industry’s leading brands.

Feel is a critical aspect of any golf club and EPON products are renowned for the buttery soft feel they provide at impact. This desired feel is a result of ENDO’s product design, material selection, tooling and ultimately, its unique forging process.

The new EPON AF-705 continues the tradition of delivering explosive performance in a game improvement forged iron. With the introduction of the AF-705, the AF-703 will be phased out. When compared to the AF-703, you will see the following differences:

  • The AF-705 features less offset than the AF-703

  • It has a thinner topline

  • The CG of the AF-705 has been moved further back and slightly lower than the AF-703 for slightly higher initial launch and less spin

  • It is shorter heel to toe with a slightly taller face

  • The new variable face-thickness design allows for a much denser feel and less of a click at impact

  • The head weights are 1.5 to 2 grams lighter

Don’t expect to find EPON equipment in your local golf retailer. EPON products are sold exclusively through a network of authorized dealers who have been meticulously selected to represent their brand, based on expertise and experience in custom club fitting.

Now is your chance to save on a set of premium, Japanese-forged EPON irons. Club Champion is offering a FREE EPON Tour Wedge ($350 value)* with the purchase of a 7-piece EPON iron set. The promotion includes AF-Tour, AF-705, AF-503 and AF-302 irons. Schedule a fitting at one of our 20 locations nationwide to experience club design at its best and find the perfect custom fit EPON product for you.

*FREE EPON Tour Wedge Offer Expires 12/31/18


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