Chuck Evans - How To Hit It Farther?
by Chuck Evans, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Chuck Evans How To Hit It Farther

I have never had a player come to me and ask, “Can you help me hit it shorter?"

Recently I was a guest speaker at a 3D motion capture workshop presented by MySwing Golf.

As we went along, the subject about distance came up. In the group of attendees was a long drive competitor whose latest swing speed was 140 MPH. I asked him, “If you want to hit it farther what do you do?”  He replied, “I try and get the biggest turn I can.”

At that point, I asked everyone to stand up, without a golf club, and make their “normal” backswing. Here is a picture of one golfer's “normal” backswing.

As you can see, there isn’t much of a turn (Before photo). Now, look at the same guy in the "After photo." Big difference! What did I ask them to do?

I’m glad you asked! I asked them to turn their belt buckle and chest as far away from the target as they could and allow their front foot to “unweight”…let it come up. Believe me, this is a very simple motion and one that will help you add distance to your shots!

Chuck Evans is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and is based in Scottsdale Arizona.He has taught thousands of players from beginner to Tour Winners as well as mentoring hundreds of other teaching professionals. For more information about Chuck and to get his Ultimate Guide Game Evaluation visit


Chuck Evans