Brad Brewer - Fix The Number 1 Power Leak in Your Drive
Fix The Number One Power Leak in Your Drive

By Brad Brewer, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher in America

Fix The Number One Power Leak in Your Drive

During a recent televised golf tournament, one of golf’s famed announcers raved for three days about the perfect swing of a particular player. This PGA player cruised with perfection around one of the toughest golf courses in the world.

All week, I enjoyed watching him set up with a relaxed and connected address position, resulting in a fluid and repeatable golf swing. It was not until the 11th tee on Sunday afternoon that I watched and said to myself, “This is going left!”

Sure enough, left it went into the water. The best swing on the PGA Tour, according to this renowned announcer just broke down under the heat of a Sunday afternoon. Why? I observed tension creep into his left shoulder at address. TENSION! The readiness of your body to produce a desired shot cannot be ignored.

How much is tension causing you to lose power and precision in your drives? Can you relate to any of these tension provokers?

  • Pressure of the moment causing you to tighten up
  • Thinking too mechanically about swing technique
  • Swinging too fast thereby disrupting your balance and rhythm
  • Recalling a bad shot from the last time you played that hole
  • Trying to force a drive and shot shape that just doesn’t look or feel right

How about the most common tension provoker, tightening up grip pressure in an attempt to hit it farther and then trying to swing the club faster with the hands and forearms?

Ironically, it has been proven that the longest drivers on the PGA and LPGA tours have the lightest grip pressure over their peers. Their relaxed hands transcend into every muscle in their body. This allows the athlete to move an accelerating golf swing all the while maintaining rhythm, tempo and full body coordination.

Here are three suggestions to help you be more relaxed, poised and ready for the power drive.

  1. Add to your pre-shot routine a starting thought of feeling relaxed by focusing on your heart. Take a few, deep, 5-count breaths. This will calm and prepare you for taking grip with a lighter, softer touch.
  2. Prior to walking into your setup, take a few more practice “mini swings” at a slower, rhythmic pace feeling your body pivot, hands and arms freely swinging, and the weight of the club head.
  3. Without delay, take your feeling of soft hands and rhythm into action.

Make this your new golf habit. Use this simple approach the next time you step onto the tee box to ensure you are relaxed and calm with a light grip pressure prior to making a swing with the big stick.

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