Glide Through the Turf with Ping Wedges

Glide Through the Turf with Ping Wedges

In developing the new Glide 3.0 wedges, Ping engineers looked to create a higher-spinning, more forgiving, lighter overall design that offers multiple sole grind options for all skill levels. Glide 3.0 wedges are a blend of a players-style design coupled with game-improvement technology. At address, they provide the clean look of a Tour-style wedge, with some offset added based on Tour player feedback. Four distinctly different sole grinds ensure that trained clubfitters can properly match a Glide 3.0 to a golfer’s swing characteristics and playing conditions.

“In the Glide 3.0 series, we’re broadening the appeal of our wedges and providing more differentiation within our own line and the rest of the marketplace,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President. “We approached the design with a goal of creating higher-spinning, great-looking wedges that also deliver more forgiveness with the improved feel from our other proven technologies. Every detail in the Glide 3.0 is designed to improve short-game performance, from the longer grip for choking down to the Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish that helps the wedge glide through the grass.”

Glide3 SoleCompareIllustration Green

Ping engineers put a premium on feel and forgiveness by leveraging a multi-material construction that combines a 431 stainless steel head with a larger and softer elastomer custom tuning port insert. Similar to the i210 irons, the additional volume allows for a larger insert covering more of the back of the face, activating the elastomer at impact to produce a soft, yet solid feel. Its patented cavity design expands the perimeter weighting, increasing the MOI and positions the center of gravity higher to yield lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories for better control.

Wheel-cut grooves provide a sharper edge radius, which increases interaction with the ball at impact. This creates more friction for improved spin and trajectory control. The grooves in the lower-lofted wedges (46°, 50° & 52°) are milled with a 20° sidewall and a .005" edge radius for optimal full-shot performance. The higher-lofted versions (54°, 56°, 58° & 60°) feature an extra one half groove at the bottom of the face for added spin and are milled to a .004" edge radius with a 28° sidewall to impart more spin, especially around the greens.

The four differentiated sole grinds are designed to best match a player’s angle of attack and typical turf conditions while providing performance and versatility on full and partial shots around the green. “We see tremendous opportunity in wedge fitting in general,” said Solheim. “It starts by focusing our product designs on meeting the needs of golfers of all abilities and swings. With the new sole grinds and multiple loft options, a fitter can really dial in the wedges to help improve the player’s performance based on how they dynamically deliver the clubhead and the type of conditions they typically play in. During the process, they can also determine the best combination of wedges to provide proper distance gaps between each club.”


Standard Sole: Mid-bounce sole with heel and trail edge relief. These wedges are engineered for golfers with a moderate angle of attack and perform well in a variety of turf and sand conditions.

Wide Sole: This grind is the most forgiving through the ground. It features a round and cambered sole with significant bounce. It’s recommended for golfers with a steep angle of attack who typically play in soft turf and sand conditions.

Eye2: This grind incorporates the high toe design pioneered by Karsten Solheim nearly 40 years ago. It matches the original Eye2 sand wedge sole and face profiles. It also showcases a narrow hosel transition for the ultimate in bunker performance and tricky touch shots around the greens.

Thin Sole: The final grind facilitates precise shot-making and versatility from tight lies. This grind is ideal for firm conditions and for golfers with a shallow angle of attack.


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