Golf Pride Redefines Grip Shape

Golf Pride Redefines the Grip Shape with MCC Plus4

Golf Pride grips deliver a new level of consistency. For the first time, ALIGN Technology provides a dedicated raised ridge that extends down the back of the grip for consistent hand placement, allowing golfers to actually feel a proper alignment. This patented technology is featured in the MCC family in both the traditional MCC taper profile and MCC Plus4’s larger lower hand profile.

ALIGN Technology also features a unique micro-diamond texture and 50% firmer material compared to the surrounding grip area to enhance its pronounced feel. A flex channel separates the ridge from the grip body to maximize elevation lift and locks the grip into your fingers, all while still conforming to the rules of golf.

“80% of Tour players trust their games to Golf Pride, which allows us to conduct extensive professional and consumer testing to create an innovation that delivers consistent results,” said Jonathan Neal, Global Marketing Manager for Golf Pride Grips. “A repeatable grip is critical for many of the world’s best players, as 1 out of every 3 PGA Tour players currently use a grip with a reminder rib. However, they uniformly provided us feedback that they want it to be more pronounced. That insight led us to develop ALIGN Technology to assist the best players in the world and amateurs alike to feel alignment and to square the clubface.”

The MCC Plus4 takes the same great upper hand and lower hand design, first utilized in the original MCC grip, and combines it with innovative technologies designed to provide golfers more power and confidence from tee-to-green. The Plus4 was designed to meet the needs of the 70%+ of Tour players who build up their grips to reduce tension in their hands. With less tension comes additional power.

Golf Pride now offers this performance preference to all golfers. The new MCC Plus4 is designed to have a larger lower hand that matches the feel of 4 layers of extra tape build-up preferred by many Tour players. The slightly less tapered shape has a 4.6% larger outside diameter in the lower hand to encourage lighter grip pressure. MCC Plus4 also incorporates a proprietary new soft compound in the lower hand to enhance feel.

A softer performance-rubber for stability and the trusted Brushed Cotton Technology cord ensures moisture management and maximum traction. Available in blue, grey and red, MCC Plus4 features a standard weight of 52 grams and core diameter of 60 Round. A midsize option will also be available in grey.

With 35,000 custom clubhead, shaft and grip options, Club Champion will custom fit your Golf Pride MCC ALIGN and MCC Plus4 ALIGN grip to your unique swing. Call us at 888-340-7820 or request an appointment online.