Club Care Tips - Winter Clubs

Winter Club Care

Wintry weather is approaching in many of Club Champion’s markets and that means your clubs are ready to be packed away.  But even in markets where winter is not a factor, it is good to be reminded of the do’s and don’ts of caring for your equipment and preparing for that next round.  

Here are a few key pointers for winter club care:

Storage: Always store your equipment in a temperature controlled environment. Hot and cold temperatures can break down epoxy strength over time and also create deterioration in graphite shafts and rusting in steel shafts which leads to grips rotting. In terms of your investment in equipment, storing them properly can lead to a longer lifespan.

Loft and Lie Check: It’s a good idea to have your lofts and lies checked on your clubs at least once a year.  If you bought them through Club Champion, this service is free. Simply bring them in and they will be checked and adjusted if need be. Through hitting balls on many surfaces, metal can expand and contract. It makes sense to ensure that your specs are where they are supposed to be. At Club Champion, we sometimes see lie changes ranging from 0.5° to 2°. This can be the difference between pushing it right or pulling it left. Incorrect lofts can result in a 3-5-yard change for every degree, so proper gapping and distance control relies heavily on properly lofted clubs.  

Grips: Grips are an undervalued component of your golf clubs. They are where your hands contact the club. If you don’t have the right size or if they are worn, you might deliver inappropriate grip pressure that can create flaws in your swing and result in improper impact. If your grips look smooth, rotted, worn, cracked, split or oily in any way, they should be replaced. Having them checked and freshened up will lead to better performance.  

Offseason check-up: The offseason can be a perfect time to come in and visit your fitter. They will make sure any issues you may have had are resolved and that you are ready for the next round. It is also a wonderful time to look at making any improvements to your bag. That way you will have enough time to work with those changes before the golf season gets rolling. Some golfers think it is worth waiting until a new product comes out, but in today’s product cycle, most, if not all, the new equipment is already on the market. A club fitting should not be based on "today’s" swing but the natural swing you have, the tendencies that live with you for your golfing life.

Remember, playing your best golf incorporates many factors, and properly fit equipment is one of those. Changing a couple small habits like those above can make a world of difference towards improved play and more enjoyment from the game.

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