Chuck Evans - How to Pick the Best Club for Chipping
How to Pick the Best
Club for Chipping

By Chuck Evans

How to Pick The Best Club for Chipping

How many times have you thought, “What club should I use for this chip shot?” I’ll bet MANY! I can’t tell you how many people tell me they had a 40-yard “chip” but didn’t know how, or what club to hit. First, 40 yards is NOT a chip, it is a pitch which is two totally different shots!

We define a chip as being within 3 feet of the green, a stroke that uses NO wrist cocking, and a motion about 2 feet in either direction. This IS a basic chip shot.

We have some ratios for you to use but be aware these are for a basic chip shot and NOT for advanced technique.

These ratios are for level lies, be sure to add or subtract for uphill/downhill lies.

Chipping Ratios

Chipping – within 3 feet of the green

You will need to know 2 numbers.

The first one is how many paces to get from your ball to safely on the green (safely is defined as 1 FULL pace onto the green).

The second one is how many paces from safely on the green to the hole.

Divide the first number into the second number and that tells you which club to use.

For instance – if the first number is 3 and the second number is 12 then your club number is 4 You simply take the second number (12) and then divide it by the first number (3). In In the example, the number is 4. Look at the chart and you will see that equals a pitching wedge.

The ratio goes likes this.

  • Lob wedge = 1/1
  • Sand Wedge = 1/2
  • Gap Wedge = 1/3
  • Pitching wedge = 1/4
  • 9 iron = 1/5
  • 8 iron = 1/6
  • 7 iron = 1/7
  • 6 iron = 1/8
  • 5 iron = 1/9
  • 4 iron = 1/10
  • Hybrid = 1/11

ALL clubs are to carry ONE FULL PACE on the green and roll the rest of the way.

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