KBS Graphite Iron Shafts—A Heavyweight in Custom Fitting through Taper Tip Weights 

KBS Graphite Iron Shafts
KBS, the innovative brand that built its reputation on crafting precision iron shafts for elite players, is boosting custom-fit options for all golfers with the addition of heavier Taper Tip shaft weights on its Tour Graphite Iron model (TGI).
The TGI model, available in taper tip and parallel shaft tips, was the brand’s first-ever graphite iron shaft. It is based on the same bend profile as the pioneering KBS Tour steel shaft and performs like a steel equivalent.
The heavier Taper Tip TGI weights were designed for the better player who requires a lightweight shaft with increased stability through the strike zone and a tighter dispersion. According to Paul Steels, KBS brand representative on the European Tour, “The TGI shafts have proved popular on the PGA Tour, with Major winners putting them in the bag. But even more so on the Seniors Tour, as the shaft produces a mid-high launch angle with low spin for ultimate control and further distance. Plus, they are easier to swing, which decreases the chances of injury and strain on the body over a sustained period of time.”
“KBS has the shaft options to suit every age group and to fit every player from Juniors to Women to Tour Professionals. The red label is now the preferred stock shaft to the majority of major manufacturers out on Tour, and it’s a testament to the way the shafts are designed,” added Steels.
The TGI Taper Tip weights are available in 90-, 95-, 100-, and 110-gram weights.
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