LA Golf Shafts Launches High-Performance Line-Up

LA Golf Shafts

LA Golf Shafts’ mission is to design, develop and manufacture performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts in partnership with top PGA Tour players. It was established in 2018 by Reed Dickens, founder and CEO of Marucci Baseball Bats (and former Assistant Press Secretary to President George W. Bush). Dickens and his partners, Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence (both former MLB players), took Marucci from a small Louisiana boutique wood bat maker to the number one bat in Major League Baseball. They also became one of the world’s bestselling bat lines (wood, alloy, and composite) in less than 10 years, employing a unique corporate strategy. Marucci brought MLB professionals into the business as owners and partners, not simply paid staff members or endorsers.  The likes of David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, and Chase Utley were early partner/owners of the Marucci bat company and played a large role in the promotion of the company and its products as well as the development of the company’s product line. 

LA Golf Shafts will use this same strategy in the composite golf shaft market. Prominent PGA Tour players will be brought in as company partners/owners to aid in product development, brand establishment and promotion. The company is in negotiations with 5 PGA Tour winners, 3 of which are currently inside the top 20 in the World Golf Rankings. Player partners will also control the branding and cosmetic appearance of their signature products. LA Golf Shafts products will all be made in the U.S. at a manufacturing facility in Anaheim, CA. A vast majority of all the materials used are also sourced in the U.S.

All products will be designed by John Oldenburg, a highly accomplished designer and industry executive with almost 25 years’ experience in the golf shaft industry. John’s driver designs have been used to win a dozen major championships (25+ including hybrid and fairway shafts) including this year’s Masters (Patrick Reed – Rogue Silver) and have won in excess of 200 PGA Tour events.  

LA Golf Shafts will only offer aftermarket shafts.  No product will be sold through OEM programs, nor will they be offered to OEM’s for “no upcharge” custom upgrade programs. Consumers can be assured that every shaft is “authentic”, not watered-down versions of their Tour models. 

TP Series
TP Series shafts are designed utilizing proprietary HD (Hexadecagonal) and interply hybrid material technology.  HD Technology incorporates a sixteen-sided internal design to provide increased flexural rigidity and stability along the length of the shaft.  Interply multi-material technology involves the use of carbon fiber, pre-impregnated with a resin system, intermixed in the laminate stack with boron, zylon, and GMAT (carbon mat). This provides these designs a supple, yet responsive feel not typically associated with highly rigid, ultra-stable structures.  The flex distribution in this series is designed to provide a mid-launch, mid spin ball flight.  

OZIK Flight Series (OFS)
OFS products are offered in three flight-specific and color-designated, bend-strength distribution profiles for low launch (Black), mid launch (Red) and high launch (White) performance options. 

Low spin Black Tie wood shafts are designed to deliver a stable, one-piece feel. They are constructed on Tour-proven tooling. Black Altus hybrid shafts provide a firm, rigid feel and were designed for golfers seeking to lower the launch and spin off their hybrids. The Black Altus iron shafts are similar to the hybrid and respond with a stout, stable feel at impact.  

Red Tie wood shafts produce a mid-launch, mid-spin flight and were designed to fit the widest variety of players and swings. It provides a classic Tour-launch profile and comes in expanded weight and flex ranges. Red Altus hybrid shafts are smooth feeling, easy to load and unload and deliver outstanding hybrid flight characteristics. It’s the company’s most popular hybrid design.

White Tie wood shafts are their highest launching products, yet with a spin profile that’s lower than most traditional higher launching shafts. It’s the smoothest feeling among the three OZIK wood shafts. It was designed with slower swing-speed players in mind, to get the ball airborne while delivering optimum elevation and overall carry and roll. White offers the widest range of options in the series. White Altus hybrid and iron shafts are higher launching products, but still produce a relatively low spin rate. The lighter weight helps slower swings achieve added ball speed and a more optimal launch angle to deliver maximum distance.

Reign Silver
Reign Silver products incorporate the use of unique materials and pattern designs in the tip of the shaft to provide a stronger, stiffer tip area with significantly increased stability.  This uniquely engineered tip section helps to minimize unwanted deformation (both torsion and bending) near the clubhead prior to, during and immediately after impact. The added stability near the impact zone results in decreased side launch deviation, more centered contact, better consistency in launch angle and spin and higher overall energy transfer to the golf ball.  The overall consistency of these shafts is also aided through the use of HD (hexadecagonal) tooling.  

Reign Silver shafts are designed on Tour-proven, HD mandrels, a cylindrical rod around which metal or other material is forged or shaped. A simplified fitting system is designed to provide a traditional progressive launch pattern; the heavier the shaft, the stiffer the shaft; the lower the flight and spin. LA Shafts produces an extensive line of weights and flexes for this line. 

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