PXG 0311 GEN3 irons come fully loaded


With three club head models, always custom built to individual specifications, PXG 0311 GEN3 irons are designed to meet the needs of golfers of every level.

GEN3 irons are forged from a strong 8620 soft carbon steel. This material prolongs the life of the clubhead, as well as enhances the overall appearance of the club over time. PXG’s complex body geometries require separate forgings in order to form the body for each part. CNC milling supports precision manufacturing of the final geometry. Milling achieves a thin, high-performance body design not obtainable via forging.

Featuring lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten, PXG’s weighting system optimizes mass properties such as CG location and MOI, while at the same time providing a method to increase the total head mass adjustability range. Their high strength maraging steel face (1.5mm) thickness, in combination with core materials and outer structure, produces superior performance with regards to ball speed and consistency. Channel wraps all around the internal face perimeter increase loading during impact.

PXG’s Impact Reactor technology system increases face loading to deliver more energy to the golf ball at impact. According to the company, it has two times the face deflection which will deliver approximately two to three miles per hour faster ball speed than GEN2 clubs with the same loft and length specs. It behaves like an elastic material keeping more energy in the system when a load is applied and removed, resulting in added ball speed, more distance and an amazingly soft feel. A high strength, high COR polymer outer core delivers increased structural stability to support its extremely thin  steel face. The core utilizes a viscoelastic material specifically designed to dampen vibration in its hollow body system.

Added touches include milling the grooves, including the groove edge radius, to provide precise control over the geometry and allows PXG to design a groove closer to USGA limits. The more precise manufacturing process delivers greater spin and more precise control.

Finally, robotic polishing yields precision manufacturing. Consistent sole and face perimeter geometry ensures every club is the same, eliminating manufacturing variations caused by hand polishing. A multi-step satin nickel/chrome plating process creates a high-performance low glare finish that improves long-term wear and durability.
Key Performance Differences:

  • T (Tour): Higher spin performance and increased workability. Designed for highly skilled players.
  • P (Players): Optimized with a blend of distance, forgiveness and workability to fit a wide variety of players.
  • XP (Xtreme Performance): Optimized for distance and forgiveness. Easier to hit for less accomplished golfers.



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