New Project X EvenFlow Black and Blue Shafts
Feel The Energy Flow.
Project X EvenFlow

Project X EvenFlow Shafts

Like a crashing wave in the Pacific, EvenFlow’s revolutionary “even” bend profile transfers energy more efficiently throughout the swing to create maximum energy release at impact. The result is a powerful flow of energy that feels smooth and delivers added distance, making EvenFlow the ultimate complement to the Project X HZRDUS line.

Project X’s new EvenFlow shafts were designed with a focus on feel, a departure from the design of the company’s successful HZRDUS shaft lineup that focused on stability and improving launch conditions.

According to Don Brown, Director of Innovation and Product Strategy for Project X’s parent company, True Temper, "EvenFlow shafts are much different than HZRDUS, and they’re much different for a reason. Despite the runaway success of the company’s HZRDUS shaft line, which are among the most-used shafts on the PGA Tour, there was “something missing” from Project X’s lineup for golfers who wanted more feel from a shaft." 

The new shafts are available in two models: Black and Blue. The EvenFlow Black is the firmer, lower-spinning version of the shaft, and is currently used by 2013 Masters Champion, Adam Scott, in his driver. Brown says the EvenFlow Black can offer performance that’s comparable to the HZRDUS Black, albeit with a much different feel. EvenFlow Blue models will launch higher and spin more, appealing to golfers who want an even smoother-feeling shaft or a higher ball flight

black ef

blue ef


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