David Dusek - PXG 0311X Driving Irons
PXG Launches Their First
Driving Iron

By David Dusek

PXG just released a driving iron for golfers who want low spin and a penetrating ball flight. These clubs are a perfect choice for those looking for more control off the tee.

As with the previously released PXG 0311 irons, the 0311X driving iron was designed with a  forged body and a thin stainless steel face plate to create more ball speed and distance. The hollow head is filled with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that softens feel at impact and provides support to the face, which helps it deliver a lot of ball speed.

The PXG 0311X driving iron has a wide sole and low center of gravity (CG). The 0311X driving irons also have PXG’s signature tungsten weight screws high in the toe and along the trailing edge. A wide sole helps lower the CG and makes it easier to get the ball airborne. The clubs have minimal offset, something better players tend to prefer. The wide sole and low center of gravity help make the PXG 0311X more playable.

PGA Tour veteran, Billy Horschel said, “The 0311X looks incredible at address. It really suits my eye. Off the tee, it launches low with little spin, which helps me avoid getting into some hairy spots on the course.”

The 0311X driving iron is available as a 1-iron (15 degrees) , 2-iron (17 degrees), 3-iron (19 degrees), 4-iron (21.5 degrees) or 5-iron (24 degrees).

So, if you are looking for high ball speed, low spin, low trajectory, need to keep the ball below the wind and need to hit tight fairways the 0311X is something you may want to try.

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