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Club Champion golf club fitting Limited Edition Titles Vokey SM^ Brushed Copper Wedge

Limited Edition Titleist SM6 Vokey Brushed Copper Wedges

Titleist CopperCensored for young eyes, these Limited Edition Titleist SM6 Vokey Brushed Copper wedges have been custom stamped and painted to perfection. Club Champion has a limited allocation of the brushed copper wedges and there are only a few left. Come in and get fit and add your own personalization.

The center of gravity of the SM6 is progressive throughout the entire wedge set. Aligning the center of gravity with the impact position for each specific loft delivers precise distance and trajectory control while providing an exceptional feel.

Lowering the center of gravity (CG) in the Spin Milled 6 pitching and gap wedges places more mass behind the ball at impact. This produces faster ball speeds for more consistent distance gapping between irons and wedges.

Spin Milled 6 sand wedges feature a mid-level center of gravity, aligned precisely between the low loft and high loft wedges, delivering consistent distance gapping and shot control.

Titleist Copper Wedge

With higher lofted wedges, balls can roll up the face more at impact. Raising the center of gravity in the Spin Milled 6 lob wedges positions the CG at the impact position, producing consistent distance and trajectory control.

TX4 grooves feature new parallel face texture, fashioning a more consistent groove edge and even tighter quality tolerances, generating additional spin.

Low loft wedges (46-54) are designed with narrower, deeper grooves. Higher loft wedges (56-62) have wider grooves. These distinctive designs deliver optimized ball-to-groove edge contact for maximum spin. 100% of the grooves are inspected, demonstrating Titleist’s commitment to quality in every wedge. 


F GRIND - A traditional full sole with medium to high bounce, this is an all-purpose wedge, particularly suited for full shots.

M GRIND - Heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides for maximum versatility around the greens.

S GRIND - Trailing edge and heel grind provides stability on full shots while maintaining versatility around the greens.

K GRIND - The wider sole is excellent for bunker play, while its camber enhances greenside shot versatility.

L GRIND - Enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge grind provides maximum versatility in firm playing conditions.

Get custom fit for these limited edition Titliest Vokey Wedges at your local Club Champion or order direct by calling 888-332-0413. $199.99/ea. prices subject to change.


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