Proof in Performance: SST PUREing for Better Golf

Is golf’s best technology a secret? Most golfers aren’t aware of the SST PUREing process, or the benefits that come with a set of PUREd shafts. Amateur golfers constantly seek out the latest and greatest equipment used on the PGA Tour, so why aren’t they flocking to the technology that PGA Tour pros have trusted for more than 15 years — the same technology that’s won over $1.5 billion?

Proof in Performance: SST PUREing for Better Golf


It’s puzzling. Nick Sherburne, co-founder of Club Champion and Matt Saternus, founder of Plugged In Golf, set out to understand why more golfers aren’t playing PUREd shafts, and to test the technology’s claim of game improvement. Saternus tested whether PUREing delivers measurable benefits or if it’s just another placebo effect.
“Knowing what I know from years in this industry, I’m baffled that more golfers aren’t aware of SST PURE,” said Sherburne. “There’s a reason that Club Champion recommends all shafts be PUREd, and even includes it free with our custom built woods. Golfers who truly want consistency should start with PUREd shafts.”
So what is SST PURE? It’s important to understand that golf shafts are not necessarily manufactured perfectly straight or perfectly round. Irregularities can cause problems when the shaft twists and bends during a swing. SST PURE shaft alignment identifies the most stable bending plane or “neutral-axis”, to allow the club head to be installed in its most effective orientation.
"For this test, we used two seemingly identical six irons,” Saternus explained. “The clubs had the same head, shaft, grip, loft, lie, length, swing weight and total weight. The only difference was that one shaft had been SST PUREd and the other had not.” All of the testing was done at Club Champion in a controlled environment.
The test consisted of seven golfers whose handicaps ranged from the mid-teens to scratch. Each player hit ten shots with the PUREd six-iron and ten shots with a non-PUREd club without knowing which was which. The test concluded that the PUREd shafts led to significant distance increases. On average, testers gained over seven yards with the PUREd iron compared to the non-PUREd club. That’s nearly a full club of extra distance despite the clubs having the same loft. The added distance was a result of greater club head speed, ball speed and smash factor. Players swung the PUREd club nearly 1 MPH faster and generated an extra 2.8 MPH of ball speed.
The study also concluded that PUREing does, in fact, boost accuracy. On average, the test group was 2.2 yards closer to the center line with the PUREd six iron. That's the difference between a makeable birdie putt and a challenging two-putt. On the PGA Tour, that would be the difference between being #1 in proximity to the hole and being 91st!
PUREing also helped to narrow testers' dispersion pattern. The average distance between players’ farthest right and farthest left shots was 2.1 yards closer with the PUREd club than with the non-PUREd iron. To sum it up, Saternus wrote, "The SST PUREing process is no placebo. It is one of the most impactful technologies that we’ve ever tested.” The full test can be found here:
SST PUREing is available on all new clubs purchased and built through Club Champion, as well as existing clubs that golfers would like retro-PUREd.



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