Cleveland Golf- Launcher CBX and Launcher CBX HB
Cleveland Golf Releases Launcher CBX
and Launcher CBX HB

The Launcher CBX and Launcher CBX HB by Cleveland Golf

Club Champion is the nation's #1 premium golf club fitter with more than 35,000 hittable head and shaft combinations. We provide club fitting services for Cleveland Golf who just introduced two new irons, the Launcher CBX and Launcher CBX HB.

The Launcher CBX Irons combine all of Cleveland Golf’s proven wedge spin technologies with a forgiving cavity back design. Progressive shaping, Feel Balancing Technology™ and a V-shaped sole work in tandem to increase forgiveness.

Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling produce high levels of spin from the fairway and the rough, providing dramatically improved control around the course. “What really sets these irons apart is their consistency. These are the only irons with tour zip grooves and a laser milled face; the same technology featured in our wedges,” says John Rae, VP of R&D at Cleveland Golf. “These aggressive grooves and laser milling produce consistent spin and distance control so (players) can be more precise.”

The Launcher CBX HB irons boast a fully-hollow club head. The extremely forgiving irons use a high-strength steel face, HiBore Crown, and hybrid-like design to help golfers launch the ball higher and farther than typical cavity back irons. “These new irons are completely hollow and built with a driver like construction to help (players) get the ball in the air more easily,” says John Rae, VP of R&D at Cleveland Golf. “When you compare the Launcher HB irons to traditional irons, the weight is much lower and deeper, adding tremendous forgiveness.”

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