Titleist TS2 & TS3 Drivers

Titleist TS2 & TS3 Drivers

New TS2 and TS3 models deliver faster ball speed with higher launch, lower spin and increased MOI for explosive distance 

The “Titleist Speed Project” began with a challenge from the game’s best players to make Titleist drivers as fast as possible. A relentless pursuit to obtain speed from every micron and milligram of the driver head culminated in the development of two new driver models – TS2 and TS3. Engineered to deliver faster ball speed with higher launch and lower spin, the TS2 and TS3's increased MOI delivers more distance as well as game-changing forgiveness. 

At the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills, the first week that TS drivers were available for competition, seventeen players put TS drivers in play – including Justin Thomas, who unleashed a career-long 422-yard drive in round 1. It’s pretty unusual for that many players to change equipment at a Major championship. Three starts later, Thomas earned his first World Golf Championships title with a four-shot victory at Firestone, crediting the performance gains of his TS3 9.5º driver. 

Titleist Speed is driven by the creation of its new Speed Chassis, which incorporates several key innovations. The ultrathin cast titanium crown is 20 percent thinner than Titleist 917 drivers, which allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper. A thinner, faster, variable thickness face, the fastest Titleist has ever made, reduces weight by up to 6 grams. It delivers faster ball speeds while increasing forgiveness. The TS face is so thin that the score lines must be lasered on (instead of etched into the face like earlier generations). 

A newly streamlined, enhanced aerodynamic shaping reduces drag by up to 20 percent, enabling golfers to swing faster, increasing club head speed which produces added distance.  Weight distribution is optimized through the refined crown and variable face thicknesses to create the lowest CG ever in a Titleist driver. The resulting MOI is up to 12 percent higher than 917, producing a powerful combination of speed and stability, delivering a higher launch and lower spin. 

“From start to finish, the TS Project was about driving ball speed and unlocking a level of performance that golfers simply couldn’t ignore,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “In order to do that, we knew we had to look at things differently. We challenged ourselves to deconstruct the driver and then literally build it back up, piece by piece, to be faster, longer and better in every way possible."

According to Talge, "R&D had been exploring some unique constructions early on that were really compelling in theory, but they simply couldn’t beat the performance of our all-titanium Speed Chassis. We know performance is the story that golfers care about. From the ball speed and distance gains we’re seeing both on tour and with amateur golfers, it’s clear that TS metals deliver a new level of Titleist Speed.” 

TS drivers feature two distinct designs. The TS2 lets golfers swing aggressively with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers speed-tuned distance with dynamic forgiveness. Both models feature Titleist’s patented SureFit hosel with 16 independent loft and lie settings to create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through the type of precision fitting that Club Champion provides. The TS2 offers maximum forgiveness and higher launch in a more modern head shape. The TS3 features dynamic forgiveness with a mid-launch in a more traditional head shape. Both drivers are 460 cc.

Since the debut of TS drivers at the U.S. Open, more than 100 players around the world have switched to new TS2 and TS3 models. In June, Michael Kim (TS2 10.5º) became the first player to post a victory with the new Titleist TS driver, winning the John Deere Classic by a record eight shots. For the tournament, Kim averaged five yards more off the tee (294.8) and was nearly 30 percentage points (82.14%) higher in Driving Accuracy compared to his 2017-18 season averages. 

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