Turn Clubs Into Cash With Club Champion's Trade-In Program

Turn Clubs Into Cash With Club Champions Trade In ProgramIs your garage full of old clubs that you’ll probably never use again? You can let them take up space...or you can trade them in! Partnering with 2nd Swing, Club Champion now offers a trade-in option. Since the program first began in April 2017, more than a thousand Club Champion customers have taken advantage of the trade-in service. According to Erik Lemieux, Key Account Manager for the program, payouts have averaged approximately $300 per transaction. Many customers have received more than $1,000 and one even received more than $2,000! The only caveat is that the trade-in must be made in conjunction with a new purchase at Club Champion.

Done online, it takes just three simple steps. First, get fit and purchase new clubs at any Club Champion location. Next, check the values of your clubs using the trade-in engine at clubchampiongolf.com/trade-in-service and complete the checkout process. Then just ship your clubs using the FedEx labels provided and get paid via check or PayPal within seven business days.

“There is no limit to the number of clubs a customer can trade in, and in some cases, the total trade-in amount may exceed their purchase price," Lemieux added. "All major and boutique brands qualify.” All the major brands are accepted as well as niche manufacturers like Epon, Honma and PXG. You can even trade in rangefinders or GPS devices from companies like Bushnell or Voice Caddie.

Turn Trash Into Cash With Club Champion's Trade-In Program

New Jersey customer Sam Haines was very satisfied: “It’s probably one of the best online trade-in programs I’ve ever used. I was able to easily navigate the system on the website, select the clubs that I wanted to trade-in and see the value. Then I was able to hit two buttons to print a receipt and shipping label. Off to FedEx I went with my irons." In reference to his projected payout, Haines said, “It was spot on, dollar for dollar. It was not too complicated to figure out what I was going to get. There are guides out there to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. The actual dollars matched exactly what the program was offering. The notification from 2nd Swing was almost immediate. After they received my irons they quickly processed the check, literally one day later. And I received it within four business days.”

You begin the online process by selecting the manufacturer you wish to get a quote on. Then select the type of product you wish to trade-in. That could be a driver, hybrid, etc. You can trade-in individual clubs as well as full sets. You click on the model of the product you wish to trade in, and you will be given a price for that item. Finally, you’ll indicate the shaft as well as the condition of your item and you will be quoted a price.

Kyle Carrabine, a customer from Pennsylvania, also took advantage of the trade-in program. His parents had him fit for clubs about 10 years ago and it was time for an upgrade. “I went through the fitting and enjoyed the process, and when they gave me the recommendations and how much it was going to cost, I was thinking about how I could offset some of my out-of-pocket expenses”, Carrabine said. “I had a stockpile of old clubs that I’d collected. Since I had to pay for the clubs myself, I decided to send a bunch of stuff in and get as much value as I could for them and use that money towards buying my new equipment. I was pleased with the amount of money I got, almost $1,000 for my trade-ins. It definitely helped out. It was the smartest way for me to get new clubs from Club Champion. I know the benefits and value of getting custom fit and going to Club Champion and demoing the latest and greatest shafts.”

At the time of our interview, Kyle was scheduled for another fitting the following week. He wanted to hit some of the new drivers for 2019. “If I do buy again, I’m probably going to go through the same trade-in process," he shared.

Don’t let those old clubs keep gathering dust—now’s the time to get that new driver, putter or irons you’ve been dreaming about, and in essence, get them at a discount or maybe even for free! Take advantage of the Club Champion trade-in program today. You’ll be happy you did.


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